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Comparison of different analytical methods in freeze-drying : DSC, Lyostat and Lyotherm

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Lyostat vs. DSC     DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimetry)  and  mDSC (modulated Differential Scanning Calorimetry) are thermal  techniques typically used  to identify the glass transition temperature (Tg) for the purpose of stability studies in dried samples. These te...Read more

SMART Technology Streamlines Cycle Development & Freeze Drying Processes

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July 2015 Two breakthrough technologies offer freeze drying scientists tools to streamline cycle development and gain even greater control over the freeze drying process. SMART Freeze Drying Technology™ SMART Freeze Drying Technology™ from SP Scientific enables the process of developing lyophil...Read more

Spray Drying v Freeze Drying

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June 2015 Freeze drying is the preferred choice for preserving a wide range of pharmaceutical formulations when stability in the liquid state is inadequate, storage requirements are too stringent, or a solid form of the product is desired. However, recent research has transformed spray drying fr...Read more

Evaporation Technologies for Parallel Chemistry

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May 2015 Parallel chemistry enables large numbers of analogues of compounds to be synthesized at the same time. While single-sample evaporation systems, such as rotary evaporators, may be ideal for other tasks, they pose a significant bottleneck for these types of applications particularly when...Read more

Diagnostic Reagents: A Different Set of Challenges?

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May 2015 Biopharma Technology's Dr Kevin Ward will be presenting a webinar in collaboration with SP Scientific's LyoLearn program. This presentation will cover some of the challenges that accompany the formulation and freeze-drying of antibody-based diagnostics and PCR-based diagnostics, togethe...Read more

QbD: Building Robust Processes

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April 2015 Quality by design (QbD) for lyophilization is about building a robust process that proactively flags critical points and ensures consistent delivery of the best quality product, by minimizing risk and maximizing understanding of the process itself. Regulatory bodies such as the FDA r...Read more

A Sustainable Freeze Drying Route to Porous Polysaccharides

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April 2015 Bio-derived polysaccharide aerogels are highly porous materials fabricated from aqueous gels of a range of natural polysaccharides, such as starch, alginic acid, pectin. These materials have attracted increasing attention due to superior physical properties, which make them potential...Read more

Introducing our new North America Senior Sales Manager

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March 2015 We are pleased to introduce Mark Lemons as Biopharma Technology’s new Senior Sales Manager for North America. Mark is a graduate of North Carolina State University with a degree in Biochemistry. Along with his strong academic background Mark has worked for a number of analytical inst...Read more

Vapour Pressure of Ice

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The driving force behind freeze drying is the pressure differential between the product chamber and the condenser: the greater the difference, the faster the flow of vapour away from the drying product. The condenser must be significantly colder than the product for effective freeze drying. The t...Read more

Sample Holders: The Right Tool for the Job

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Solvent evaporation is used for an incredibly wide range of applications with many different solutes, solvents and containers. Using the right sample holder for your container type is important to ensure operating efficiency and to prevent product waste. Thermal conductivity [caption id="attachme...Read more