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Collaboration with Freeze Drying Specialists SP Scientific in USA

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February 2015

We’re pleased to announce a new collaboration with freeze dryer manufacturers SP Scientific.

SP Scientific is the synergistic collection of well-known, well-established and highly regarded scientific equipment brands — VirTis, FTS Systems, Hull, Genevac — joined to create one of the largest and most experienced companies in freeze drying/lyophilization and centrifugal evaporation. Biopharma Technology and SP Scientific will be combining resources and expertise to offer US customers a comprehensive package of freeze drying products and services.

In addition there will be a US-based Biopharma Technology channel manager. This will enable us to offer a more reactive, dynamic and personal service to our clients in North America. Mark Lemons has many years’ experience of scientific sales including key roles at Bruker, Agilent and Brinkmann. He will be supported by SP’s US-based sales network, who will offer Biopharma’s range of products and services in addition to SP’s range of laboratory, research and production freeze dryers.

More details will follow shortly.

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