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Optimisation of Lyophilisation Process Development in the Biopharmaceutical Industry

by biopharmajessica in App notes & Scientific posters

An Application of the Lyotherm3 Frozen State Analyser A great understanding of phase transitions which occur in the frozen state of the lyophilisation process is key as it promotes efficiency and stability. The most effective method of determining these phase transitions is Zsinφ, a metric of mo...Read more

When did your analytical instruments have a maintenance inspection?

by biopharmacharis in BTL News, BTL Right Sidebar Content

  Regular maintenance of your instrumentation retains accuracy and prolongs its productivity; when is your next inspection due?     Maintenance is the vital quality assurance step in any analytical process that justifies the accuracy of results from an instrumentation p...Read more

How & why to build a QbD process to optimise the efficiency of your freeze drying projects

by biopharmacharis in BTL News, BTL Right Sidebar Content

    QbD in Freeze Drying Quality by design (QbD) for lyophilisation is about building a robust process that proactively flags critical points and ensures consistent delivery of the best quality product, not only by minimising risk but also through greater understanding of the p...Read more

Ex-Demo Lyostat3 For Sale

by biopharmacharis in BTL News, BTL Right Sidebar Content

Biopharma Technology currently has for sale an Ex-Demo Lyostat3 freeze drying microscope system.   This system has been fully refurbished to current manufacturing standards, and is supplied fully tested and validated ensuring the system is operating as per original specifications. ...Read more

Making Progress: The Developments in Freeze Drying Red Blood Cells

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Preserving Blood - Why We Need to Look at New Options Blood transfusions have been used successfully since the early 1900s, and blood banks have been in use since 1914. After donation, whole blood is separated into several components for processing and storage under different conditions, and one...Read more

The 2016 Training Courses schedule is now available to view and book.

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  If you haven't managed to get booked onto our EXTRA Training Course in Winchester later this month, never fear, we have now released the schedule of dates and details of the various courses for the 2016. There are a selection of venues in Europe and the USA to select as detailed below:...Read more

Freeze drying of PCR products

by biopharma-admin in BTL News, BTL Right Sidebar Content

August 2014 PCR is a common and often indispensable technique used in medical and biological research labs for applications including functional analysis of genes, the diagnosis of hereditary diseases and the detection and diagnosis of infectious diseases. Storage of PCR Materials by Freeze Dryi...Read more

How the Use of Placebos in Freeze-Drying Enables Cost Efficiencies in Process & Cycle Development

by biopharma-admin in BTL Right Sidebar Content, Intelligent Freeze Drying

    A placebo is a simulated or otherwise medically ineffectual treatment for a disease or other medical condition intended to make the recipient believe they are receiving something they are not in order to establish whether the true active agent has a noticeable remedy to the a...Read more

Lyostat 4 Freeze Drying Microscope Presentation

by biopharma-admin in BTL News, BTL Right Sidebar Content, Presentations

Lyostat4 is the latest freeze drying microscope from BTL. Illumination with virtually maintenance-free LED light provides clearer images for easy analysis. Freeze drying microscopy is used to analyse formulations for freeze drying, enabling cycles to be developed and formulations to be optimised....Read more

Visit Antoine & Elysabeth at the International A3P Congress in Biarritz in November!

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  Antoine and Elysabeth from our french division, BTF (Biopharma Technologies France) will be exhibiting at A3P Congres International, in Biarritz this November. If you are also attending, visit booth No: 2 to discuss what BTF can help you with.   Elysabeth Sheppard - Communication...Read more