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Spray Drying v Freeze Drying

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June 2015 Freeze drying is the preferred choice for preserving a wide range of pharmaceutical formulations when stability in the liquid state is inadequate, storage requirements are too stringent, or a solid form of the product is desired. However, recent research has transformed spray drying fr...Read more

New! Hands-On Laboratory-Based Training

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February 2014 A new hands-on training course has now been finalised and is open for registrants. Lyophilisation Process Development in Practice: A 3-Day Workshop BTL has been running training courses in lyophilisation technology since 1997. Over that time the course content, format, location and...Read more

Collaboration with Freeze Drying Specialists SP Scientific in USA

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February 2015 We’re pleased to announce a new collaboration with freeze dryer manufacturers SP Scientific. SP Scientific is the synergistic collection of well-known, well-established and highly regarded scientific equipment brands — VirTis, FTS Systems, Hull, Genevac — joined to create one of t...Read more

The Synergies of Lyostat and Lyotherm

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February 2015 Freeze-drying (lyophilization) is a comparatively expensive and time-consuming process and a great deal of emphasis is placed upon improving efficiency and minimizing costs by optimization of the conditions used for freeze-drying. Optimizing Primary Drying [caption id="attachment_3...Read more

Stabilisation of Antibody-Drug Conjugates

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June 2014 Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs) are a class of therapeutic compounds designed to target cancer cells. They combine the cancer-killing (oncolytic) properties of potent cytotoxic drugs with the targeting capabilities of monoclonal antibodies, meaning that the drug can be delivered to di...Read more

Freeze dried cakes: Where is the water?

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Water may be present in a variety of "forms" - free, adsorbed, chmically bound, hydration shells (e.g. of proteins), water of crystallisation, not all of which may be directly linked to the activity or stability of the product in question. The current established water detection methods, Karl Fis...Read more

The Importance of Critical Temperatures

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April 2014 An article by BTL has been published in the International Pharmaceutical Industry Journal. In this article we address the importance of a well-designed freeze-drying cycle. In order to freeze-dry products thoroughly, and to ensure consistent quality and activity in the reconstituted ...Read more

Misconceptions in Freeze Drying

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Freeze drying can be a complex process to handle effectively but despite improvements in analytical and process science a number of misconceptions persist that prevent practitioners from achieving the best results. In this article we look at some of the misunderstandings we encounter most often. ...Read more

Use of freeze-drying in the stabilization of vaccines

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October 2014 Few scientific discoveries have had such a huge impact on the health of the world’s human and animal populations as vaccines.   The development of recombinant protein synthesis in the 20th Century means that vaccines now come in a variety of different forms – from the live Cowpox o...Read more

Freeze Drying of Diagnostics

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BTL possesses many years of experience working with an array of in-vitro diagnostic products for different fields of application. We provide long-term production services for a defence-oriented organisation, following successful development of a freeze drying cycle suitable for their bioterrorism...Read more