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Application Note: Investigating the Effect of Glycerol on the Mechanical Properties of Model Biotherapeutic Formulations

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Freeze-drying (lyophilisation) is a common method of stabilization for protein-based therapeutics and vaccines.  While lyophilisation is considered more gentle than other drying methods, proteins are often formulated with amorphous saccharides or polymers, which can serve not only to prevent dena...Read more

Summer is here, what temperature should I store my ice cream?

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Physicochemical Analysis of Ice Cream using Zsinϕ and DTA Techniques Summer is here and with UK temperatures currently soaring to >30°C, our Research and Development Department is hoping to answer the question on everyone’s mind – how should I store my ice cream to prevent large ice crystals ...Read more

How Advances in Analytical Instrument Technology Heighten Efficiencies for the Freeze Drying Industry

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Freeze Drying of Fruit Juice for Easy Transport and Long-Term Storage Chances are you've been to the supermarket recently but whilst you were there did you notice that more and more shelf space is being devoted to freeze dried products? Although freeze drying is most common in the biotechnology ...Read more

Optimisation of Lyophilisation Process Development in the Biopharmaceutical Industry

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An Application of the Lyotherm3 Frozen State Analyser A great understanding of phase transitions which occur in the frozen state of the lyophilisation process is key as it promotes efficiency and stability. The most effective method of determining these phase transitions is Zsinφ, a metric of mo...Read more

Freeze dried cakes: Where is the water?

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Water may be present in a variety of "forms" - free, adsorbed, chmically bound, hydration shells (e.g. of proteins), water of crystallisation, not all of which may be directly linked to the activity or stability of the product in question. The current established water detection methods, Karl Fis...Read more