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Ex-Demo Lyostat3 For Sale

by biopharmacharis in BTL News, BTL Right Sidebar Content

Biopharma Technology currently has for sale an

Ex-Demo Lyostat3 freeze drying microscope system.


Optical MicroscopeThis system has been fully refurbished to current manufacturing standards, and is supplied fully tested and validated ensuring the system is operating as per original specifications.

This offer Includes:

  • Optical imaging station
  • FDCS196 freeze drying Cryostage
  • Leybold 2.5V pump with rubber vacuum hose, oil filter and manual venting valve for vacuum release
  • T95 with linkpad touchscreen & LNP95 temperature control units for liquid nitrogen delivery and system control
  • Pirani gauge
  • QICam digital camera system
  • 2L Liquid nitrogen dewar flask
  • Copy of Linkam Linksys32 temperature control and image capture software

The system can be provided with a top of the range PC workstation for software loading and system control if required, please ask for details.

Biopharma Technology can also offer on-site installation and training services for this Ex-Demo system as well as full IQ/OQ system validation as necessary. This usually involves a 2-day on-site visit from a Biopharma Technology scientist who is highly experienced in freeze drying microscopy, to install and fully validate the system on-site and provide training in system assembly, operation and data interpretation.

Please note: Only one system is for sale and is offered subject to availability.


For more information, please contact Thomas Codd on or +44 (0)1962 841092