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Great Products at Great Prices! (…Whilst Stocks Last)

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Priced to Clear!

Autumn has officially arrived and 2018 is fast approaching; with this in mind, we have some great deals on offer for you.


The Lyotherm2

We currently have for sale TWO Lyotherm2 frozen state analysis systems one that is a fully refurbished unit and an ex-demo both are supplied complete with a brand-new PC and 6-month warranty.

Ex-demo        – £16,000
Refurbished – £12,500

Both systems have been configured and fully upgraded to current manufacturing standards, and are supplied fully tested and validated ensuring the system is operating as per current specifications and the price includes full onsite installation.

Biopharma Group is proud to be at the forefront of developments in advanced analytical equipment for freeze drying microscopy and a thermal analysis for freeze drying. To discover more about the benefits of and how these analytical instruments work within freeze drying, click here.


The Lyostat5

Ex-demo for fast delivery – £42,000

We are presently offering an ex-stock Lyostat5; the latest and most advanced freeze drying microscope with analyser collar and tint plate assembly and motorised valve for pressure control options.

The tilt-back imaging station allows for easy sample loading, and the system comes complete with pc control for image and data capture and analysis functions.

Full installation and training is offered as standard. Our training provides practical tuition on interpretation of results from qualified scientists.


Want to snap up any of these instruments and take advantage of the great prices? Please contact Thomas Codd here or +44 (0)1962 841092.


Here’s another Great Offer

Avestin EmulsiFlex-C3 High Pressure Homogeniser

Refurbished, ex-demo Emulsiflex C3 – £15,500

This system has been fully refurbished to current manufacturing standards, and is supplied fully tested, with new fitted parts, 3 month warranty and shipment within the UK & Ireland included.

The Emulsiflex range of high pressure homogenisers from Avestin are ideal for a wide range of applications, commonly used within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and fine chemicals industries. Find out about how Avestin high pressure homogenisers can benefit you, click here.


To discover more, click here. Alternatively, to enquire about purchasing, please contact Ashley Morgan or +44 (0)1962 841092.