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How Advances in Analytical Instrument Technology Heighten Efficiencies for the Freeze Drying Industry

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Freeze Drying of Fruit Juice for Easy Transport and Long-Term Storage

Chances are you’ve been to the supermarket recently but whilst you were there did you notice that more and more shelf space is being devoted to freeze dried products? Although freeze drying is most common in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, it is becoming increasingly popular in the food and drink industry as it not only preserves the product’s natural shape, flavor and nutrients but can also last for years in its packaging.

This application note describes a study carried out on a frozen sample of PepsiCo’s Apple, Pineapple and Kiwi ‘Green Machine’ smoothie using BTL’s Lyostat5 Freeze Drying Microscope and Lyotherm3 DTA and Impedance Analyser in order to obtain a complete picture of the behaviour of the frozen material and emphasize that when done correctly, freeze drying can be extremely beneficial for you or your organisation.


>>Download the application note (pdf)