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How increased remote working is boosting the popularity of specialised remote learning.

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With the Covid 19 pandemic causing concerns about spreading infection and highlighting remote working practices throughout organisations large and small as a consequence, some people have, understandably, worried about whether to attend ‘in person’ training courses. However, training remains an essential requirement whether for new starters or industry compliance, especially for highly specialised industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotech and food production to name a few, so what should you do?

Traditional methods of learning such as lectures, workshops or seminars continue to be highly effective as they provide a real-time learning experience and direct contact with tutors. Thankfully though, global connectivity and online training such as webinars, offer organisations accessible and safe options when it comes to unforeseen circumstances such as pandemics and for those facing logistical issues when organising collective groups of employees to unite simultaneously. Removing employees from the workplace in order to provide training, although essential for optimum productivity, is often a struggle to achieve and challenging to synchronise across different locations and time zones.

Using webinars as a mode of teaching has become globally accepted amongst companies, as well as individuals, as an alternative to conventional educational methods, because of its convenience and flexibility.

Biopharma Group now offers several types of lyophilisation online training in addition to its scheduled and customised on-site lyophilisation training courses:

  • Live/ interactive webinars that cover pre-set modules
  • Pre-recorded online training series
  • Customised live webinars which allow for the course content to be selected by and driven by the commissioning client

In conclusion, if, for whatever reason, in person scheduled training courses are not an option right now but you and your team need training in freeze drying or on specific lyo-related topics, Biopharma Group has a safe alternative option for you i.e. webinar/ online training courses which can cover the theoretical aspects, with hands-on lab based elements available once everything returns to normal.