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2-day lyo training courses in freeze drying process development technology

These courses are designed specifically for those involved in development of freeze drying formulations and cycles and those working on the problems associated with scale-up.

Many products that are to be freeze dried are composed of multiple elements which can give variable and unpredictable freezing and drying behavior. This in-depth course will provide up-to-date information on the key aspects of formulation and cycle development for freeze drying.

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Winchester, UK

This course is suitable for those involved in all stages of freeze drying formulation and cycle development and scale-up, including researcherstechniciansformulation scientists and quality control officers.

Those involved in equipment maintenance, plant operation and production may find the Product, Process and Systems course more relevant.

Each course is tailored to be up to date with contemporary material and industry relevant developments, but topics typically include:

  • Product Freezing: Ice structure, cooling rates and glass transition / eutectic behavior
  • General Concepts of Formulation: Excipients, protectants and solute behavior
  • Formulation Characterization: Freeze drying microscopy, DSC, mDSC, DTA and others
  • Cycle Design, Scale-Up and PAT
  • Freeze Drying of Proteins : Stabilization issues and the role of excipients

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