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Evaluating New Advances

Biopharma Group has collaborated with process equipment developers to evaluate new methods and test new machines. Partnerships in these areas have included:

  • Headspace Analysis – evaluating this novel method for non destructible QA/QC applications
  • Atmospheric Spray Freeze Dryer – prototyping

Co-Developing New Products

We have successfully bid with a range of companies and universities for funding from Innovate UK (the former Technology Strategy Board) for funding to address the following challenges:

  • Regenerative medicine – freeze drying human blood for long-term ambient storage
  • Regenerative medicine – freeze drying of collagen scaffolds for regenerative repair of cartilage
  • Industrial processing – freeze drying advanced formulations of probiotics to provide stable and viable product options
  • Crop protection – developing novel formulations of innovative targeted pesticides

In each of these projects, the IPR arising from the projects have been agreed upfront as part of the collaboration agreements.

Your Collaboration Partner

Biopharma Group is keen to participate in collaborative R&D projects and leverage its freeze drying process and engineering knowledge. We have a track record of successfully bidding for SME funding in the UK.

Want to discuss how we might participate in a collaborative project?