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The unique characteristics of each product type, formulation and application mean that every project presents a different and new set of challenges. When you entrust your project to Biopharma Group you benefit not only from our many years of experience but also the breadth and depth of cumulative knowledge. In combining sophisticated analytical techniques with this in-depth knowledge, we ensure your freeze drying project progresses smoothly.

Contract Research Services:

Contract Research in Freeze Drying, Spray Drying and Liquid Formulations

Contract Research

– Proof of concept studies

– Formulation development for liquid and dried products by DoE (Design of Experiment)

– Process development

– Freeze drying design space

– Freeze drying trial cycles

– Development of freeze dryable spheres (lyobeads)

– Product characterisation (pre-/ post-freeze drying)

– Controlled nucleation

– Stability studies

– Freeze drying v Spray drying: comparative studies

– Dedicated Cytotoxic Suite

– Variety of formats: vials, tubes, well-plates, strips. bulk, beads

Why QbD (Quality by Design) is an important element of your lyo R&D, as explained by Biopharma Group’s Dr. Kevin Ward:

Contract Manufacturing:

Contract Manufacturing of Liquid and Freeze Dried Products

Contract Manufacturing

– Procurement of chemicals and consumables

– Compounding

– Freeze drying

– Packaging & kitting

– QC analyses

– Dedicated in-house technical service and maintenance team

– Non-standard and customised formats catered for

Contract Packaging:

Contract Packaging of In Vitro Diagnostic Devices

Packing Diagnostics Kits

– Procurement of consumables

– Packaging and kitting of in vitro diagnostic devices

– Dedicated in-house service and maintenance team

– Non-standard and customised formats catered for


Consultancy Services in Freeze Drying & Spray Drying 

R&D Consultancy

– Cycle audit and risk assessment

– Technology transfer and scale up

– Desktop study

– Remote product and process development

– Troubleshooting assistance

– Process validation

– Regulatory and compliance support

– On-site and remote support available