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Our Lyo Lab Services:

Product Characterization

In-depth characterization of your product in terms of its key thermal event temperatures and behavior is the first step in product and process development. This information will provide the foundation for all further R&D, scale-up and QC.

Formulation Development

Formulation Development combines in-depth product characterization with our extensive knowledge of excipients. A well-designed formulation will provide protection from the stresses of freeze drying, whilst also ensuring a thermal profile that is favorable for freeze drying.

Cycle Development

A successful freeze drying cycle will provide reliable, safe processing in a timely and efficient manner. Biopharma’s cycle development services will tailor the freeze drying process to the requirements of your product and the capabilities of your equipment.

Specialist Analysis

Dynamic Vapour Sorption (DVS) is a gravimetric technique that measures how quickly a sample absorbs a solvent vapour, and how much solvent in total is absorbed. Our testing can give useful information about the effects of specific humidity levels on a material.

Process Optimization and Scale-Up

Seemingly minor changes in formulation, container or equipment can affect the efficiency of a lyophilization cycle and efficacy of the dried product. This service will ensure your processes are optimized for your requirements at laboratory or production scale.

Freeze Drying Production

We offer freeze drying production for diagnostics and lyo services for process testing, production flexibility, or fall-back capabilities. This can be used to meet your ad hoc or long-term regular production requirements.

Collaborative Research

Biopharma Group has significant experience in collaboration with academia and industry and is always keen to explore new relationships which will progress the field of lyophilization.

Process Review

Historically, many freeze drying cycles have been developed by trial-and-error. Lyophilization Process Review is a quick and simple service that will check whether your process is suitable for your product.

Freeze Drying Training Courses

We provide a range of options for training in freeze drying technology, including regularly scheduled courses in the UK, Europe & USA, webinars and customized courses.


The unique characteristics of each product type, formulation and application mean that every project presents a different and new set of challenges. When you entrust your project to Biopharma Group you benefit not only from our many years of experience but also the breadth and depth of cumulative knowledge. In combining sophisticated analytical techniques with this in-depth knowledge, we ensure your freeze drying project progresses smoothly.


Analytical Lyo Lab & CRO Services