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“We are outsourcing our product for testing often[…] and getting the satisfactory results from [Biopharma] the company; also availing the additional benefits. We [are] assured to continue the same rapport with your esteemed organization. Thank you for your timely support.

It’s our pleasure to outsource the products for testing with [your] esteemed and well established organization.”

H. Patil, Research Scientist

Sai Life Sciences Ltd. – India

“…fast response to customer requests and provision of a quote. Even though we had delays in confirming the order and providing the samples to btl, the analysis was conducted immediately and results provided swiftly, which is very helpful for a CMO like Vibalogics to keep our customers satisfied.”

Y. Braun, Project Manager

Vibalogics – Germany

“This is the first time we have used Biopharma and the support, responses and help was excellent.”

Head of Research & Development

Consumer Healthcare Developer

Project Manager HSDx

Waters Technologies, Ireland

“I worked with BTL and they provided an excellent service to Waters at the development phase of our project.

Both Dr. Laura Ciccolini and Mr. Nick White were very helpful and professional, [they] not only assisted me with the project but also gave me an understanding of the Freeze Drying process. The personnel at BTL are the experts in their field of freeze drying and really supportive to me as a client in our development phase and were really focused in adding value and optimising the process throughout.

I would highly recommend BTL for all Freeze Drying project and would 100% use them again.”

Senior Project Engineer

Omrix Biopharmaceuticals Ltd., Israel

“I would like to give my appreciation for the great service that we received from you [BTL] last year.

When I first contacted your company, my intent was to register myself to one of your Lyo course, unfortunately the regular course schedule didn’t meet my needs so Dr. Laura suggested to try and arrange this course here in Israel. After few email to my colleagues, I was [surprised] to see the actual demand that I got for this course, at the end, I found myself arranging Lyo Bespoke Course for more than 30 colleagues across 3 sites.

Due to Dr. Laura help and dedication, we were able to arrange this course in 3 months […]. The course was great and it met our needs.”

Please watch this video that includes a testimonial from a recent attendee  (Shiqi Wong, Imperial College) of our 3 day training course in Winchester:

Chief Operating Officer

Reagents Manufacturer

“[Research Scientist] Mervyn did a great job, and we learned useful things about some of our samples during the install and training. We’re excited to have this new tool at our disposal.”

Senior Principal Scientist


“We needed a CRO close by which we should be able to visit if anything should go wrong or just face to face was necessary… We have felt that the service and deliverables has been state of the art. It has also been a pleasure working with you on this project.”

Senior Research Associate


“[Instrument specialist] Nektaria and [Research Scientist] Nick were both extremely helpful throughout the entire sales and training process. Nektaria was especially helpful during the difficult purchasing phase.”

Dipl. Ing.


“My impression of the Lyostat3 is very good and the results are helping us to optimise our freeze-drying methods and make them quicker. BTL provided very swift responses to our questions, this level of support is very important to us.”

Dipl. Ing.

R&D from a global leader in the plasma protein bio therapeutics industry

“We are very satisfied with BTL’s Team Support – not only for sales, but especially for after sales service.”

Leading Life Science Manufacturer

“We have worked with BTL during 2012 on one of our important projects and product. The team at BTL has shown to be skilled, reliable and approachable, both the commercial side headed by Dr Ciccolini, and the scientific side headed by Dr K Ward. We were very satisfied with the work and report quality and would recommend the company to anyone needing expertise in lyophilisation R&D.”

Development Scientist

GE Healthcare

“Overall the [Lyostat] training was very good, Marc was very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. A very useful day for everyone involved!”


“Thanks to [Lyostat]’s easy handling and the explanation provided by BTL scientist Tom Peacock, everybody was able to carry out the analysis. We are very satisfied with the Lyostat and have implemented it in our development process”


Oxford MediStress

“Thank you for being so professional, helpful, innovative and friendly. We were extremely impressed with the quality of your service.

“We very much look forward to working with you again in the future, and would highly recommend you. You’re definitely the best in the business!”

Research scientist


“The installation / training was very good, everyone in the group felt that they knew how to work with the equipment afterwards. The Lyostat seems to be a very easy-to-use and ‘intelligent’ system. I got all my questions (and they were plentiful) answered and I felt that the people working at Biopharma were very competent and helpful.”


UGM Engineering

“You and your colleagues have provided us with exceptional service. The results of your lyophilisation studies have gone beyond our most optimistic expectations. Based on your work, our project is about 12 months in advance of where we expected to be.

“We look forward to working with you again.”

Senior Scientist

Oxford Biosensors

“The Lyostat has revolutionised our approach to both formulation and process development. It not only gives data that is both easily decipherable and quantifiable but also saves valuable time that could be wasted using conventional freeze drying methods. An amazing piece of kit.”

Formulation Development Scientist

Multinational Pharmaceutical Company

“I believe the Lyostat3 freeze drying microscope developed by Biopharma Technology is robust and reliable. It is critical to our efforts in protein therapeutic development. After working with their team, I highly recommend them as the experts in freeze-drying technology. There is always a quick response to our calls/requests and any problems are solved promptly. It is great pleasure to work with Biopharma Technology and highly recommend them to any company looking to benefit from a good working instrument and excellent, highly professional support.”