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Latest Images from the Lyostat4LED

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January 2014

The latest generation Freeze-Drying Microscope, Lyostat4LED, is due for launch within the next few weeks.

Freeze Drying Microscopy

Freeze drying microscopy is an established technique for accurately and easily establishing the point of collapse, the most important critical temperature for developing safe and robust freeze drying cycles. Essentially operating as a micro freeze-dryer, FDM enables freezing and drying of a real sample to be observed in real time. As FDM analysis is based on visual identification rather than thermal data, it’s vital to ensure maximum image clarity and resolution.


Analysis with Lyostat4LED with analyser collar / tint plate assembly. The thick black line indicates product drying with good structure; the fifth and sixth slides show collapse as the temperature is raised.

Lyostat4LED: Latest Generation FDM

The Lyostat 4LED provides the latest generation LED light source which is brighter than the previous Halogen illumination but at the same time generates significantly less heat. This is accomplished by combining the LED source with an efficient, custom-designed electronics module. The LED system also provides superior longevity with a maintenance-free lifetime of more than 60,000 hours, and nominal electrical power consumption for operation savings and “green” credentials.

By eliminating the lamphouse power unit Lyostat4LED saves 20x21cm bench space over Lyostat3. Used with the new stand, the footprint can be reduced to just 45x30cm (not including vacuum pump) and also eliminates trailing cables.

For more information please contact Nektaria Servi:, +44 1962 841092.

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Or contact Nektaria Servi:, +44 1962 841092.

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