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Lyobead Technology in the Diagnostics and Pharma Sectors: Why, How, What?

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Recently, Dr Mattia Cassanelli, Technical Business Manager at Biopharma Group, UK presented a webinar on the use of Lyobead technology in the diagnostic and pharmaceutical sectors and described how these beads have been used for different applications. This tech note summarizes the webinar and includes a selection of questions from the Q&A sessions..


Biological reagents are particularly sensitive to changes in temperature and require specific storage conditions to remain bioactive in the long term. Dehydrating the reagents reduces this sensitivity and is the main driver for the growing lyophilized bead technology in both the diagnostic and pharmaceutical industries.

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To watch our free video where Dr Mattia Cassanelli discusses Lyobead Technology and download the presentation slides please visit Biopharma Group’s e-learning platform: