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New Life for Old Agrochemicals

by biopharma-admin in BTL News, BTL Right Sidebar Content

June 2014

BTL has recently completed a two-year research project conducted in collaboration with Agform, a developer of novel pest-control agrochemicals, and funded by the Technology Strategy Board (TSB).

The problem

Farmers are under increasing pressure to provide greater yields with decreasing choices of pest-control agents. The cost of these products is also rising fast as the R&D costs for these chemicals is passed on to customer. The project aimed to redevelop older, problematic chemicals to address the issues of safety of pollution and make them available for use.

The project investigated novel approaches to the synthesis, processing and formulation of herbicides that would enable enhanced delivery of active chemical to the site of action – to allow the same degree of weed control with a lower rate of application thus reducing overall environmental exposure and enhancing crop safety.

The solution

The project chose a reformulation of a Winter Wheat herbicide to investigate. The new product is a resounding success, providing the same amount of pest control but with a greatly reduced level of application required.

Read the full article on the TSB’s site here>>

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