• Dimensionsfs22 stoppering
  • Purpose
    Designed specifically for low to medium speed pharmaceutical, biotech and animal health filling and rubber stopper inserting applications
  • Vial Range
  • Output
    Up to 100 vials per minute
  • Changeover
    Automated, recipe-driven format changeover

Featuresfs22 aseptic filler1
– 2-up intermittent-motion filling and stoppering machine
– Compact in-line design features two filling nozzles, a dual stopper-inserting station and two crimping heads for aluminum caps
– Equipped with an Allen Bradley PLC and HMI
– Highest precision and most advanced pumps that are driven by PLC-controlled individual servo motors
– Rollers are positively driven, substantially increasing the longevity of the tubing, hence maintaining the fill accuracy
– Drip-free filling is an inherent feature
– Gamma sterilized, disposable filling systems are available
– Rotary piston pumps are constructed from a single piece of 316 stainless steel
– High precision seal-less and hard-coated matching sets provide high accuracy and repeatability throughout the entire batch
– Format changeovers are highly automated using PLC-stored recipes per vial format
– Optional load cells can be installed for net weight filling
– Vial transport belt places the vials onto the load cells in such a fashion that the vials are free-standing withofs22 aseptic filler2ut touching the transport belt
– Bottom-up filling (90% will be dispensed at “high” speed and 10% at “low” speed)
– Optional pre- and post-gas flushing
– Stoppers and caps: 13mm and 20mm
– Bulk hoppers with level control
– All stainless steel construction
– O-RABS and C-RABS optional
– Comprehensive equipment documentation with exploded 3-D assembly drawings
– Complete validation documents package available (FRS, DDS, FAT/SAT, IQ/OQ)