Augmenting your in-house expertise to achieve successful project results every time.

Dedicated to the supply of freeze drying & bioprocessing capital equipment to the pharmaceutical, biotech, food & general process industries across the UK & Ireland.

Our equipment portfolio covers the following ranges, for which Biopharma Group is the exclusive distributor for the UK & Irish territories – Freeze dryers from ATS Life Sciences Scientific Products for the pharma, biologics and diagnostics industries, food production freeze dryers from Gellert GmbH, centrifugal solvent evaporators from Genevac, fill-finish solutions & processing lines from ATS Hull i-Dositecno, high pressure homogenisers from Avestin, and analytical lyo instruments that have been designed and development by Biopharma Group instrumentation specialists.

Additionally, we also have a specialist in-house Technical Service & Maintenance team of engineers with many years of in-depth knowledge of the equipment supplied. This enables us to support the working life of not only the freeze dryer equipment ranges, but also the high pressure homogenisers, analytical instruments and vial handling equipment too.

Biopharma Group is dedicated to providing its clients with the highest possible standard of service, support and products, with a mission to meet the precise needs of our customers’ projects appropriate to the size and stage of the project. From purchasing capital equipment through to R&D consultancy, full cycle development or training courses, the group’s philosophy is to augment its customers in-house expertise and work together to make each project a success.

Having such a customer-centric ethos and culture is what drives the Biopharma Group team. Working collaboratively with clients allows us to better understand their needs and provide products and solutions to meet them.

Biopharma Group continues to adapt and be flexible in its approach to offering the industries it serves, what they need, now and in the future. With regional divisions based in the UK, France, Ireland & USA, we can help.

Our Partner Companies

Contract R&D & Manufacturing Services

For international customers, Biopharma Group has a dedicated in-house lab & scientists based in Winchester, UK offering contract research for dried product and liquid formulation analysis. Additionally, there are over 15 freeze dryers on site to provide manufacturing services for the freeze drying stages of diagnostic & vaccine production, along with spray drying processing for suitable products. In Q4 2023, a new GMP facility will provide freeze drying for up to 3,200 2R vials, along with full isolation facilities in a grade A cleanroom environment for sterile production of both liquid and lyophilised products to pharmaceutical companies needing small batch production facilities for first-in-human trials.

The contract R&D services cover pre- and post- lyophilisation or spray drying testing, including pre-process comparable trial cycles to establish the best processing method for your product. Additionally, we have process analytical technology (PAT) incorporated within our freeze dryers for real-time data generation whether this be for pharmaceuticals, biotech products, diagnostics production through to specialist papers & organic materials. The range of services include pre-formulation studies & formulation development, cycle development, process reviews, product characterization, sample production (including IVDs & vaccines) through to scale-up/optimization and specialist post-process analysis such as Dynamic Vapour Sorption (DVS) and mechanical structure analysis of lyocakes and lyobeads using the MicroPress.

We also have a Class 7 cytotoxic handling facility available, allowing us to assist in cytotoxic, high potency and sensitive sample product development and processing. Contact our specialists to discover more.

Lyo Training Courses

For those who have their own freeze drying facilities, making sure that staff are up to date with the most current techniques, best practices and industry developments is key to ongoing success. Biopharma Group offers expert led freeze drying training courses, in the form of scheduled training courses across the UK, Europe and North America, customised on-site training catered to your specific requirements, live webinars, customised webinars, pre-recorded eLearning video modules along with our L6 course, accredited by the University of Limerick.

Biopharma Technologies France (BTF)

Biopharma Technologies France (BTF) est le distributeur exclusif et le support technique après-vente pour la France des lyophilisateurs ATS Life Sciences Scientific Products, des lyophilisateurs Gellertdes lignes de production Hull i-Dositecno, des évaporateurs Genevac, des systèmes de surveillance de dissolution Pion et systèmes portables EIT International systèmes de détection de bactéries et de biofilms.

Biopharma Group (incl. BTF) est un CDMO mondialement reconnu avec son propre laboratoire de R&D pour les formulations de produits secs et liquides, ainsi que des installations de production pour les diagnostics et une suite de production GMP ouverte fin 2023, pour les essais cliniques en phase précoce et en petite lots. essais. Ces solutions de bout en bout vous aideront et vous soutiendront dans la résolution des problèmes les plus complexes associés au processus de lyophilisation ; depuis la caractérisation des températures critiques des produits, la formulation et l'élaboration de cycle, l'optimisation de recette, l'analyse d'humidité, la transposition industrielle jusqu'au diagnostic d'anomalies.

De plus, BTF vous propose ses instruments d'analyse utilisant - le cryomicroscope Lyostat, le Lyotherm ATD et analyseur d'impédance et la MicroPress notamment pour aider ceux qui utilisent les technologies de lyophilisation dans leurs projets de production ou de recherche, et bien plus encore.

BTF est également organisateur de formations, et dispense chaque année une formation de 2 jours sur le thème "Apprendre à développer un cycle de lyophilisation". Nous proposons également à nos clients des formations sur mesure et sur site.

Airflow Lab Equipment

Biopharma Group has dedicated division providing a range of equipment from Faster S.r.l including: microbiological safety cabinetslaminar flow work benchesfume cupboards, air showers, down flow booths and more! From standard specification stock cabinets available on short lead times, to customised manufactured to order products to suit complicated applications. We offer a flexible approach resulting in our customers purchasing the most appropriate product for their application, however straightforward or complicated that might be.  Product specialists have proven ability to deliver high performance and cost-effective solutions for specialist ultra-clean facilities. We are experts in containment engineering, catering to primary & secondary pharma manufacture and biotechnology research, as well as fully compliant GMP sterile drug dispensing and radioactive drug preparation centres.

Cryopreservation Storage Products is home to Biopharma Group's dedicated team of experts, specialising in cryopreservation storage equipment solutions. 

Our wide range of cryogenic preservation storage vessels, LN2 dewars and accessories enables us to cover the smallest sample volume, up to 94,000 samples; all kept in the safest possible environment.

With over 30 years of expertise in critical temperature processing and products, Biopharma Group is the ideal partner to find the best storage solutions for the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries.

We understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of a sample, and that this cannot be compromised, whatever the temperature constraints.

Preventative Control & Detection Systems for Regulated Industries

EIT International is an industry leader in the development and supply of environmentally friendly preventative controls & detection systems for the liquid food processing, nutraceutical, pharma-medical and petrochemical industries. We achieve success by working closely with our customers on reducing down-time for preventative maintenance programmes for our global client base and helping to eliminate expensive market recall through proven technical expertise.

Products/ Services include: Bactiscan biofilm & bacteria scanners, Magnerscan surface integrity & crack detection scanners, Gappscan heat exchanger integrity quantification kits, and Pasflo pasteurisation residence & flow validation systems.