Injectables market is a very demanding market, with high standard requirements. i-Dositecno is offering a very high standard solution for medium and low speed solutions, but with very high requirements. The speed range covers till 9.000u/h. In this product range we can offer maximum benefits like Isolators for high containment solutions, oRAB’s and cRAB’s, IPC control with check weighing of 100% of the production, CFR 21 part 11 compliance and smooth and accurate production.

i-Dositecno equipment is able to work as per dehydrogenating tunnel or pre-sterilized vials, and suitable to be sterilized inline (with CIP/SIP equipment and H2O2) or by means of autoclave. Offering a complete package of Documentation as per Pharmaceutical cGMP and FDA requirements.


Filling machine for syringes, vials and cartridges up to 6.000 u/h. Filling dose simplex 0,1 ml – 20 ml.


Machine specially designed for sterile pharma filling, able to fill liquid and pharma powder, output up to 6.000 b/h.


Table top Machine specially designed for sterile filling, able to fill sterile liquid and sterile powders, output up to 2.000 b/h.