Freeze drying is our speciality.

From equipment to product and process development, maintenance and validation to analytical equipment, we provide a complete package.

See below freeze dryers ranges across three size categories to suit your needs:

Benchtop & Lab Scale 

Pilot/ R&D Scale

Pharma Production Scale

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Laboratory/ Benchtop Freeze Dryers:

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>Freezemobile Shell Bath Freezer

Pilot/ Research Freeze Dryers:





Genesis Freeze Dryer

Production Freeze Dryers:


>Pharma Production Freeze Dryers

Still not sure which freeze dryer is right for you?

Here’s a handy example infogrographic that shows how 2 of our freeze dryer options, the Genesis and the Ultra, offer solutions to commonly encountered issues by end users:

Line of Sight 

Improved diagnosis is driving precision in treatment, along with more stringent regulation from agencies such as the MHRA and FDA, to ensure processes as well as the products themselves, are fully understood.

Data-rich environments are increasingly desired by both manufacturer’s of a drug product, and purchaser of a drug product, whereby real time data corroborates a batch produced under controlled conditions, ensuring product submission are more compelling from a regulatory perspective.

By establishing an expanded design space, users can develop a more flexible approach in development and manufacturing process and it is then easier to implement continuous process improvement and maintain product integrity within the boundaries of that design space.

SP Scientific’s Line of SightTM approach does just this, providing a breakthrough suite of freeze drying equipment, with scalable lyophilization technologies and process analytical technologies (PAT), designed to assist pharmaceutical developers and manufacturers achieve drug commercialization objectives, whether the focus be scale-up or scale-down.

SP Scientific’s development and scale up using scalable technologies and process analytical tools (PAT), are compatible with the following techniques: